Friday, 21 November 2008

have a break

I haven't had any time for the internet over the last few days, I would say my week has been busy but I think that would be an understatement. Chaotic is more like it! But I have decided that I should have a well earned break!
How are you all? :)
I did get chance to pop online during college and read comments from the last post, and they were so comforting. Just knowing that other people can relate to how you are feeling can make things easier because you know that it's not just you that it is happening to.
I do feel slightly better about it but I won't ramble on and bore you all with the details.

Today I bought some of these from Topshop. I have wanted some for a while and I can't wait to wear them with oversized tee's!

While I am writing this I am watching A Little Princess, which is such a beautiful film that I have not seen in the longest time.

Photos are from here


"One day, you fall for this boy and he touches you with his fingers and he burns holes in your skin with his mouth and it hurts to look at him and it hurts when you don’t and it feels like someone’s cut you open with a piece of glass."

"I can’t quite pinpoint what it is about him but I don’t think of anyone else. No one the same way, not in the least."

I want this sort of thing, so so badly.

Photos from the first and second of the Diary of a Crush book series by Sarra Manning.
Quotes from here.


makemoremistakes said...

Darling! I love the words, and I wish I had something like that too. Also, I have not seen the little princess in such a long time, but when I was little I had a next door neighbor who was my playmate who looked exactly like the girl who plays the little princess. Her name was Robin, and I don't think I will ever be able to separate the little princess and her in my mind.

I hope you are well, even though you're so busy!!


Couture Carrie said...

Dreamy pics!


Betsey said...

oh beautiful
i want that sort of thing too.

erin meagan said...

I love a that movie! I remember watching it late at night in my elementary school years with my best friend, and we pretended to be asleep everytime her parents came to check on us. Good times.