Sunday, 16 November 2008


Have you ever met someone who you hardly know, had a few conversations with them and are totally attracted to them? It has happened to me a few times and is happening to me at the moment, with someone who I work with who I have just met last weekend, who is also 3 years older than me and probably sees me as a child (which I am not.) but age differences seem to matter a lot more to the under 20's, wheras when people get older there is no problem with one person being years younger or older. The problem is, people see me as really innocent and cute which I really do not like, as it makes me seem younger than I actually am which at this age of my life is quite frustrating. I get asked for ID at the cinema trying to see an aged 15 film which is infuriating. I am enjoying my youth, I am not someone who is trying to grow up too quickly but I just hate these situations that I frequently find myself in.

I want the sort of relationship that you only read about in books and see in films. Where he makes me feel like the most special, beautiful girl in the world - even though I would know that I was not, it would still be amazing to be made to feel that way. Someone who would fight to be with me, not like a violent fight with someone else, something like if I tried to walk away or if I was mad he would fight for me to come back. Does this even exist, or is it something that so many people want that there have been countless books and films based around this sort of love? Is our generation as romantic as years gone by, or have the previous generations set a standard that nobody lives up to anymore, which leaves some of us in disappointment?

I have also added some new blogs to the list on the left and a new category, 'the cute/inspiring reads', which you should check out if you have time time. Two of my favourites at the moment are Am I Flirting? and Crushes, which I discovered on Rags and Scribbles blog. The Crushes are so adorable and sweet to read, and Am I Flirting? is also a great read and is also quite funny, and at the moment they have just done a post with lots of amazing songs.

I am sorry this is such a short, stupid post but this is something that is really irritating me today whether it is pathetic or not.
I hope everybody has had an enjoyable weekend :)


makemoremistakes said...

You are so sweet. I am almost 20 and I still think about things like this all the time. In fact just last night my best friend and I watched P.S. I Love You and spent a good hour wondering outloud if in real life things happen like in movies. I think that the conclusion I've come to is that life is just so much more complicated...But who knows really.

I hope your weekend was wonderful, and that you are well love!


p.s. thank you for the mention in this post!

Betsey said...

can i just say that i relate to this post 100%!
i am 19 and people think i am 13! i feel like guys dont take me seriously and just see me as a cute little girl. i also want the sort of relationship you only see in books or movies (or in those annoyingly perfect couples..) sometimes i just feel like giving up!

Olsens Anonymous said...

your blog is such an interesting read!