Monday, 10 November 2008

dreaming bags

Ahh today was so, so, so, so cold! I was even freezing in my new winter coat, so tomorrow I shall go that extra mile and dig out my favourite Accessorize mittens and Topshop scarf. I think I will also need an umbrella because English weather is not very happy at the moment.
To add to the coat, scarf and mittens that I have all ready for the winter, I have decided to treat myself to a new bag because all of my old ones are either falling apart or the colour has faded. Now, I am not about to stop using them as I like to use my clothing/accessories until it is physically impossible. But a new bag would be nice. I have decided I want a black one because it goes with everything and I only have one black bag which I am getting a little bored with.
These are a few of my 'I wish I could buy these' bags. If I saved up I could do, but they are very very expensive for a college student!

1. Stella McCartney 2. Marc by Marc Jacobs 3. Mulberry
I can dream, can't I? One day, I will own a gorgeous bag like these.

I do have to say I am so, so annoyed that Laura has been voted off X Factor! She was one of my favourites, along with Diana, and I do not think she should have been voted off yet, especially when there are people who are doing a lot worse than she is. I just hope that she does make it regardless, she is certainly talented enough!

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Betsey said...

i LOVE that stella one!