Sunday, 19 October 2008


This weekend has been a working weekend. I spent the majority of it doing college work and I still haven't finished! sigh.
The rest of it I have been looking round blogs. There are some really amazing ones I have stumbled across and it gets so addictive reading blogs!
Oh and I also started writing a story. I write them all the time but I always end up hating them half way through and starting again but this time I am going to try to finish it. I have it planned out, normally I just write and see where it goes, so hopefully having a plan will make it easier to finish!
I also bought two necklaces from HERE you should check it out, everything is beautiful and I couldn't resist buying! I'll post photos of the necklaces when I get them :)
I listened to Mayday Parade for the first time on Friday, and I have been listening to them on repeat now all weekend. They are amazing, if you haven't heard them and wanna check them out here's their MYSPACE and LAST.FM.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! ♥

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sammi-lise ^_^ said...

mayday parade! love them! in fact, i just wrote about them (well, said that jamie all over is one of the songs i am loving at the moment--playing in my head right now)on my blog.
thanks for visiting and commenting, by the way, and do you want to trade links?

ooo i love your header. kate nash is another favorite of mine.

have fun with the story...can't wait to read it!